10 Mind Blowing Celebrity Facts that You Most Probably Didn’t Know

Get ready to be blown away…

Have you ever wondered what celebrities were like before they became famous? Whilst they were still living their lives as an average human being? Whether it was working an odd job, participating in crime, or being connected to other star names, celebrities have unique aspects of their lives we can’t even imagine before they started strutting the red carpet. Here are 10 mind blowing celebrity facts that seem almost too strange to be true:

  1. Did you know Taylor Swift’s first job involved knocking praying mantises out of Christmas trees? Who would have known that T-Swizzle had such an acumen for handling insects? Also, did you know that Fanny in Mobile Legends is popularly known to be attributed to Taylor Swift as well?

  1. There’s no chance you’ll find One Direction’s Liam Payne eating a hot steamy bowl of soup. The teen heartthrob has a phobia of spoons that derives from washing “nasty spoons” for being naughty as a kid.

  1. As if there wasn’t enough reason to already love the Shining, Simon Cowell polished Jack Nicholson’s famous axe whilst working as a runner on the set of the movie. A most know fact for any classic horror aficionado.

  1. Ridiculous as it may seem, some fast food restaurant manager actually made the decision to hide the stunning Brad Pitt’s handsome looks by dressing him up as a chicken for his first job.

  1. Marky Mark was a bad boy back in his hometown of Boston. Finding himself in trouble 20 plus times as a youth on the streets of Beantown, one incident in 1988 caused Mark Wahlberg to serve over 40 days in jail for a racially motivated attack that left one man blind.

  1. David Bowie’s left eye is permanently dilated due to a fight he had when he was 15. If you’re thinking the man who caused the damage was Mark Wahlberg, then think again because Bowie’s incident occurred 11 years prior to Wahlberg being born.

  1. Madonna was fired from Dunkin’ Donuts at a young age for squirting jelly at a customer. With the antics she’s pulled throughout her career, would you really expect anything less from the Queen of Pop? The Material girl was a showstopper even before she hit the big stage.

  1. Talk about an odd pairing; Astronaut Buzz Aldrin made a rap song called ‘The Rocket Experience‘ and collaborated with none other than Snoop Dogg 40 years after he landed on the moon. It sounds exactly like how you would imagine. Like your grandpa reading lyrics straight off a sheet of paper and punctuating each sentence.

  2. Kesha is insanely smart with an IQ of 140. Only five points away from the Genius classification, the American pop singer lands comfortably in the highly gifted classification that puts her in the 99.5 percentile for intelligence.

  1. Harry Styles was born with four nipples. While this may be something that would cause the rest of us to be insecure about our bodies, the One Direction pop icon has no problem strutting his stuff with an air of confidence. Styles even jokes about the situation when the topic gets brought up.