The writers at The Popular grew up watching the stars of Hollywood, admiring them for their amazing performances on the silver screen, and are thus uniquely poised to deliver responsively and tuned-in looks into the glamorous world of Hollywood celebrities. Because of our deep-seated love for the glamorous and high life, we also feature the juiciest Hollywood gossip and most scandalous paparazzi photographs of today’s top celebrities.

Every time interval, we will focus on all of the latest trends and hot ideas in Hollywood, and sit down with our readers’ favorite movie stars to conduct intimate and personal interviews. Our skilled team of Hollywood insider journalists will coax the film industry’s top stars into revealing those little details about themselves that allow our fans to reach out and connect with their favorite celebrities.

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The Popular doesn’t just cover the intimate and personal life of movie stars, but also focuses on up and coming actors in the television and the performing arts. Every branch of the entertainment industry is covered by The Popular in each issue, bringing readers fresh information on all of the hot trends in visual media. From sitcoms to soaps, The Popular has got you covered, as we provide readers reviews of today’s leading television programs.

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