Beauty Tips: Top Celebrity Secrets to Looking Pretty and Fab

When you want to become a celebrity, you need to invest on your looks and keep yourself as fabulous as possible. Celebrities spend a lot of money and maintain a personalized beauty routine to keep themselves top of the line. If you, too, Want to be as glamorous as your favorite Hollywood celebrities, read on.

Keeping your hair blonde

One of thehottest hairstyle this days is blonde, which come in different shades and highlights. If you want to look as chic as Kim Kardashian, You must use a hairmask to treat and strengthen your hair. Use this product every 3 days to getthe best results.

Applying fragrance

To makeyour perfume last throughout the day, take a cotton ball and spritz it with your favorite but perfume. Then, place it at the center of your bra early in the morning.The heat of the cotton pad will emit fragrance for longer hours of the day.

Getting a beautiful glow

Worried about pale skin? A good spray tan might do the trick. This will make your legs look longer and healthier.

Making beauty products work in multiple ways

A lot of celebrities these days are using face oil to keep their skin hydrated and glowing naturally. Apply it before bedtime or after applying makeup. Applying Oil on the cheekbones will give it a nice highlight And can make your face look healthy and hydrated.

Wearing signature lipstick shade

To many of celebrities, A red lipstick is of absolute necessity. If red is not your thing, a nude is the next best shade to go for. Think about Kylie Jenner and her pouty lips!

Mixing makeup colors

A good blend of blush might help you achieve the rosy look that you for a more feminine aura. Try blending a few cream blushes and see the difference.