How to Become a Celebrity for Real

You know what’s good about being a celebrity? It’s the fact that they can go fancy, crazy, irrational, petty, or meaningless and get away with it. They do things just because they can. We all get how they are and if given the chance, we also want to live their glamorous, glitzy life.

Here’s how to become famous or even how to become a celebrity overnight.

Wear something extraordinary

Take it from Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid – see-throughs, sport bras, and synthetic shoes are a thing with celebrities these days. The more fabulous and unique, the better. And if you can afford it, opt for signature pieces. You can never go wrong with these fashion items!

Eat or drink a lot of the same thing

The keyword to becoming a celebrity is extra – extra huge,extra expensive, extra excessive, and the likes. The more you get of anything,the better! To pull this off, all you need to do is pick your guilty pleasure. Whatis one thing you’re currently obsessed with? Coffee? Gum? Hotdogs? Vegan food? Pick one and brag about it. Have as many as you can and take a selfie as proof.

Take a ridiculously huge amount of photos

Speaking of photos, they’re great proofs of how you’re living like a celebrity so by all means, take tons of them! Think and pose like a celebrity and own it. Find a place in your home where there’s gorgeous lighting and snap those shots. It can be a happy shot, a moody shot, a stolen shot, or anything as you like.

Wear sunglasses to places that don’t call for them

This one’s a no-brainer. The great thing about doing this is you have a lot of choices, they are affordable, and easy to pull off. Wear it more than you usually do – at night, day, indoors, public places, or someplace else where mood strikes. When you feel like it, wear it!

That’s how to do it when you’re looking for ways on how tobecome a celebrity. You know what they say, it’s all about how you carry yourself!