How to Get a Celebrity Tan?

Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to keep that wonderful Tan, January to December, yet you know where they live, and you are sure they did not spend half the year sunbathing in Florida, or somewhere in the Caribbean.

The truth is, these people know something that we do not know. They have mastered the art of keeping, maintaining and grooming a perfect tan. It takes a few tricks, and anyone can acquire the same. The secret is to know, what and when to do it. This article, and the accompanying video, will share important tips on gaining and maintaining a perfect tan.

In order to achieve that gold-bronze perfect tan, whether outdoors under the sun, or indoors, in tan saloons or using a self tanner, it is important to first do the following things right. Nope, it’s not about doing too much fun outdoor surfing that it makes you forget the sun was ever there, or become subway surfers (lol!) for that matter. The sun is not your best friend, though it turns up when you need it the most.

First, before any taking the first step to tan yourself you have to exfoliate your yourself. Exfoliate essentially means getting rid of any dead skin or sweat dirt that might not be visible to the naked eye. The truth is, even if you shower four times a day, it is unbelievable how much dead-skin and dirty cells can be trapped on your skin. The most important thing would be to use exfoliating scrubs, and they have many of these in the market. If you search on the beauty section of your beauty store, you should be able to find something suitable. A word of caution, don’t necessarily settle for cheap exfoliators, do your research and choose the best. The exfoliating sugar-cane grape fruit scrub is a good recommendation. Please, do not scrub hard, just use a very soft cloth or your hand. The exfoliator you are using is already meant to do its job, it does not need an extra effort.

Secondly, after exfoliation, you have to decide if you are going to be under the sun. If you are, it is important to do a topical lotion application. Essentially, it means, apply lotion to your whole body like you would do, after a shower. It is important that you apply lotion to every crack and crevice because it helps the skin softer, smoother and luscious finish. It is also recommended using cocoa butter lotion, as it aides the tanning.

Under the sun, you have to use sunscreen. For lighter skinned individuals, SPF 40 and above is perfect. For tanned, light brown or darker skinned individuals, SPF lower than 40 is OK although, it is important to take caution about everything. If one uses a sunscreen SPF that has a bronzer mixed in, it helps enhance the tanning results. Make sure this is applied everywhere n your body. It also helps absorb the sun-rays.

If you intend on staying for several hours in the sun, it is OK to bring in a cooling misty spray to help keep your body cool, every thirty minutes or so. That way, you are not sweaty, and the tanning process goes unaffected.

If using tanning lotions or creams, there are good products out there and there are many recommendation. It is important to seek, videos like the one above because they have recommendations popular with many celebrities.