How to Get Hollywood Waves

Hollywood waves continue as a hot, hair trend for fall/winter 2017-2018. A number of glamorous celebrities are wearing the sexy, somewhat messy style both on the red carpet and off it. Women like Gisele Bundchen, Gabrielle Union, Kim Kardashian, Erin Andrews, Mel B and other stars have made the tousled texture their signature hairstyle.

You, too, can achieve this lovely, bed-head with a couple of steps. You do not need a professional stylist to get those enviable Hollywood waves, nor do you require super long hair extensions. You need some length, at least a bob by the jawline to start with. The longer the hair, the more voluminous the Hollywood waves will become.

So let’s begin! The key product you need is a bottle of sea salt hair spray. This styling aid allows the natural fibers of your hair to separate and wave. The sea salt also delivers texture and flexibility to your strands. It is a wonderful hair product and can be found on drugstore shelves. Some sea salt sprays are expensive, but the average bottle should run about $10.

You might have to experiment to find the perfect sea salt spray solution for you. No two are alike. Some of these sprays can leave hair sticky, dry, greasy, smelling like pina coladas, etc. There are many varieties to choose from. “Dancing with the Stars” hostess Erin Andrews reaches for the Redken:

….”I hate washing my hair every day, and even when it is washed, I ask my people to dirty it up. I use the Redken texturizing spray.” says Erin.

When we interviewed a lady who has tried the hollywood wave hairstyle using the sea salt bottle, she exclaimed that it was really easy to upkeep and it wasn’t an expensive option. She added, “When my boyfriend plays Clash of Clans he ignores everything else. But the hollywood wave hairstyle actually made him stop and stare for five seconds! Haha!”


Getting down to the How-tos:

You can either apply sea salt spray to damp hair or dry locks. Let the sea salt spray dry completely by blow-drying or naturally drying. Now for the fun. You can make small braids all over your head. Keep the braids in for at least a couple of hours or even overnight, and then let those braids free, and you will have created instant wavy volume.

You could also pin your hair into a loose bun for the same amount of time and watch your strands unfurl into bigger, beach-y waves.

If you desire a more controlled set of sexy Hollywood waves, then you will also need a curling iron to place waves exactly where you want cascading action. Pro stylists will tell you to start the Hollywood waves below the eyes around the cheekbone area. This flatters your bone structure nicely.

It really depends on the length of your hair but you can use a curling iron with a one inch barrel for shorter hair, and a one and a half inch barrel for longer hair and loose waves.

Alternating directions around the barrel can give you a more natural look.

After creating your waves with the curling iron, pin curl them and let cool for several minutes. Then release your hair and spray with hairspray. Run your fingers through your hair to loosen the waves.

There you have it- glam Hollywood waves that complement any face, or face shape!