How To Read Celebrity Gossip At Work | Celebrity Hacks

When it comes to celebrity gossip, there are a lot of people that just cannot resist the urge to get the latest updates. A person that is trying to read what celebrities have done lately need not worry about missing out too much. There are several ways that one can still checkout what celebrities are doing even when they are at work. The following information presents the things that one can do to escape the boss’s watchful eye!


Get an App

The first thing that you must do is get an app. It doesn’t matter if you have a cell phone or a tablet. Do yourself a favor and get a celebrity gossip app. There are a ton of sites that have apps. If the site doesn’t have an app, create a homepage link for your home screen. This is a good way for you to actually get access to all the celebrity gossip on a website right away. It is easy for you to do this on most phones. Many people may create multiple links on their home screen to access gossip from several different sites.


Proxy Servers and Blogs

When you are at work you can go to a proxy server on your computer. Most of the gossip sites are probably blocked at work already. Don’t let this discourage you though. When you go to your favorite sites and find that they are blocked at work you need to find a proxy server. This is a website that will basically hide the website that you are going to. It is like a portal that allows users to bypass the firewalls that may be set up to block employees from accessing these gossip websites.

It is also a good idea to try blogs. A lot of actual websites may be blocked because the firewall in place will recognize these sites and categorize the sites as entertainment. If the computer has a block on entertainment sites all of these sites will be blocked. A lot of blogs, by contrast, do not have any category.


Always Have Some Work Opened up On Your Computer

When you are checking out these sites you should be discreet. Always have a tab open with some work. Don’t get so engulfed into the computer and what you are reading that you disregard your surroundings. If you are in a cubicle you need to look out for people that may be coming your way. What you will have to do is be prepared to tab to the work files you have open if someone comes over to your desk. Minimize your gossip websites and pretend to be working.


Check Out Your Social Media

Sometimes you don’t have to go all the way to the actual celebrity gossip sites to get the headlines. Just follow these sites and people that create the blogs. You can follow on Twitter and Instagram and get the same headlines on celebrity gossip much quicker. This may actually be the fastest way to get catch up on gossip. Try using keyword tools on the celebrity that you’re searching out to make it a more targeted search instead of all the rubbish popping out of nowhere.


Have fun skulking your celebrities and celebrity news at work! 😀